Nestle Kit Kat Chunky – Kit Kat Chunky Cookies & Cream: Kit Kat Chunga

Agency: JWT Sydney / RMG Connect Sydney


Against the backdrop of a highly competitive and cluttered chocolate bar market, effectively launching Kit Kat Chunky Cookies and Cream with $500K seemed to be a significant challenge. A series of bold strategic decisions overcame this challenge; in an Australian FMCG first, Cookies and Cream was launched as a 100% digital campaign that aimed to build consumer connection over product news, leveraging synergy between media and creative in the social media environment. A consumer connection was undoubtedly achieved, driving huge shifts in brand tracking metrics, with sales exceeding target by 150%, delivering a rigorous campaign ROI of 6.2.


This is a case study that demonstrates the power of making brave yet well considered strategic decisions. This is a case study that demonstrates how creating even short moments of engagement and conversation can be incredibly powerful and persuasive, even when the conversation contains little persuasive product news. This is a case study that demonstrates media and message synergy in the digital space can generate huge impact with little spend. This is a story about the adventure that was the launch of a new Kit Kat Chunky variant, Cookies and Cream.