Intel shouts "louder" about CSR to reach millennials

Sarah Shearman

Purpose-driven marketing has long been a product driver in the consumer packaged goods industry.

And at least one microchip specialist is paying attention to the bait that seems so attractive to millennial consumers.

An "Intel for Change" team, which sits within that organization's marketing department, was launched a year ago as the firm decided to shout "louder" about its corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects – messaging that had previously been handled mainly through its corporate-affairs group.

"We have been quiet on these issues before," Lori McMahon, program manager at Intel for Change, told delegates at South by Southwest Interactive, the annual conference held in Austin, Texas. "But, really, the role has changed. Not only can we drive the work we are doing as a corporation, but by engaging with our partners, we can affect a lot of change."