Next please - online game for bank tellers: Educate your business partner's sales force through the interactive online game

Jan Lajka
STEM/MARK, Czech Republic


The development of innovative concepts in response to client's needs is a well proven way to forge stable and lasting partnerships. Our client, CSOB, wanted to introduce the outcomes of an existing research to its sales department. At the same time, there was a need to verify the communication skills of the bank's representatives, and their ability to recommend the best products to customers.

We, the research agency, were facing the question of how to develop a smart system of training that would take the existing knowledge and pass this knowledge to the sales team. As we wanted to create a standard training program in a somewhat attractive form, there was an idea of drawing inspiration from interactive game environments. This led us to a rather courageous idea; to use the results of the banking product analysis for CSOB for development of an educative online game.