10 tips to win the pitch

Kevin Allen

During his 20 years in the global advertising business with McCann-Erickson, Lowe Worldwide and Interpublic, Kevin Allen won many client accounts, including MasterCard with the 'Priceless' pitch. Here, he offers his advice on winning the business.

  1. Pursue closable prospects

  2. My very first advertising boss made it clear to me that there was only one kind of prospect that mattered: one that had the inherent proclivity to be your client. It was very wise advice. There are a million prospects out there but only a segment of them that have the likelihood to see the world your way, to value what you value and see you as the answer to their prayers. It's vital to develop the criterion that not only focuses on the objective criteria – size, budget and so on, but to focus on the human elements. That is, what sort of corporate culture do they have, what do they believe makes good marketing communications, or how have they behaved in the past towards their agency partners? All these will identify a pattern, which will allow you to identify, long before you have met your prospect, whether they will immediately find you compatible. In short, birds of a feather flock together.

  3. Uncover the hidden agenda