How consumer brand advocates can engage Australia's millennials

Dion Appel
DDB Melbourne

How does a brand go above and beyond being part of the millennial vernacular? What is left for your brand once you're already a verb?

Once a brand has established 'social capital' and achieved 'cultural infusion' (For more insight, read 'Social capital' and 'cultural infusion': how brands can engage Australia's millennials), the next step to engage millennials involves relinquishing control even further. It involves letting go, backing the brand's commitment to millennials and allowing them to become true advocates.

This is called Supercharged Consumer Sovereignty, where consumers invested in a brand become the influencers.

The balance of power shifts from the brand to the consumer. It's hard for a brand – you relinquish control and these people are talking about you online... you're the marketer, but now you can't dictate what is being said. It happens on social networks. But if "they" like you, what happens is priceless: The buyer becomes the seller; the consumer becomes the trusted resource of brand knowledge; the content becomes your ad.