Nikon – Get On Ashton's COOLPIX

Category: Consumer Electronics
Brand/Client: Nikon
Primary Agency: McCann Erickson New York
Media Agency: Initiative
Contributing Agency: MRM


By November of 2007, the market share of Nikon's COOLPIX brand eroded to hit an all time low at 5.5%1. With share in the single digits, Nikon had to step up its game. The cause of Nikon's low market share was two-fold:

1)Nikon COOLPIX wasn't even in the Consideration Set for Younger Consumers.

Nikon is known for introducing some of the most advanced professional cameras of our – time from yesterday's 35mm cameras to today's D-SLR's. Although a positive among older consumers, this heritage carried negative connotations among 18–34 year olds, our core target. They associated the brand with attributes such as older, expert and technical. It was a brand their parents or even grandparents would own. Because of this, it was not a brand that they wanted to own. Nikon needed to re-cast itself in a new way to get young people to take notice, engage with and strongly consider the brand.