Connect with the insight

Jim Taylor

Using the right touchpoints in the right way can be aided through Connection Point Insight that tracks key opportunities to influence consumer behaviour

For most people, integrated channel planning is not so much communications planning (which is message merged with media, through-the-line), as it is about what the right communication channels to use are (the media side) through-the-line.

Is this a noble objective? Is this useful? My view is, yes and no. On its own, a dry and somewhat technical view of when and where to reach a consumer and shopper target, through-the-line, should not define a communications plan. It should be one of several inputs, alongside the idea, the objectives, tasks and category trends.

In any case, there is no such thing as ‘the right connection point or touchpoints to use’. It's a myth. Effective results will come from how an idea interplays with touchpoints, and the way the touchpoints are used. A connection point or touchpoint can be used in multiple ways. How is the operative word. So it should be seen for what it is. It is valuable insight, but it is not planning. And ‘integrated channel planning’ should be renamed and reframed as ‘connection point insight’.