Heinz Wattie's: Gourmet Dog Thank you notes

RAPP New Zealand


Category: Product Manufacturing and Distribution

Country where program ran: New Zealand

Date program started/ended: 8 June 2009

Product Description: Gourmet Dog is a premium dog food created for small dogs. The single serve pouches and cans are designed to be 100% complete and balanced, and the premium formulation includes Omega 3 & 6. It comes in a range of indulgent flavors, including Venison, Game and Veal.

Advertiser/Client Name: Heinz Wattie's

Media Channels:

Direct Mail



Website: www.alotoflove.co.nz


Marketplace Challenge:

Provide a concise description of the marketplace and the role of the product or service within the marketplace. Description should briefly recap industry trends, the competitive environment, and brand positioning.