Wagner Big Pizza: Moto Cross Pizza Delivery



Wagner Big Pizza is one of the main sponsors of the Zwarte (Black) Cross Festival The Netherlands. With 150.000 visitors this is the largest moto cycle cross event Europe.

Objective of the campaign was to activate this sponsorship to create awareness and involvement with the Wagner Big Pizza brand. Therefore, the brand was linked to the core of the festival: motocross dirt bikes. 'Moto Cross Pizza Delivery-team' was created; visitors could have their Wagner Big Pizza delivered by Moto Cross dirt bikes in front of their tents at the festival camp site.

During the 3 day festival, 40.000 pizza halves were sold. Sales were used to raise awareness and product involvement instead of the other way around. And it worked because research showed that 52% of the visitors have indicated that they bought Wagner Pizza's after the festival at home.

National context of the campaign