Scrumpy Jack: Scrumpyshire

Agency name: Steam UK
Client name: Jygsaw Brands Ltd
Category: Integrated Communication


Cider has recently become the most dynamic and innovative category in the UK long alcoholic drinks sector.

Scrumpy Jack is an established English cider brand, which had limited marketing support until 2009. It appeals to the discerning cider drinker who enjoys a refreshing drink with superior flavour and taste, similar to a real ale drinker. This makes it inappropriate for the over-ice serve which has driven much of the recent category growth for brands such as Bulmers, Magners, Kopparberg and Gaymers.

We therefore wanted to strengthen Scrumpy Jack's position as a high quality, authentic, premium cider for existing cider drinkers, rather than those new to cider looking for innovation.

Plus our limited budget meant that a focused and creative approach was required to gain any cut-through in a category dominated by a few key cider manufacturers with huge annual marketing spends.