NRMA Insurance: Car Creation

Agency: Whybin\TBWA\Sydney

Advertiser: NRMA Insurance

Authors: Hristos Varouhas and Bridget Cleary

Total Campaign Expenditure: $2 – 5 million

Executive Summary

You trawl through your competitors' product disclosure statements and discover that many don't insure drivers for parts that are covered as standard in NRMA Insurance's policy. From this you devise an incredibly risky idea to build a working car out of all the parts that other insurers don't cover.

The client, Australia's most risk-averse publicly listed insurer (risk management is the business they are in) asks you "is this possible?". You say "absolutely", all the while knowing that it has never been done before. Twelve weeks later you've got a working car built from scratch using over 30,000 individual parts (voted on by consumers) from 52 different car models and, an ecstatic client whose campaign delivered 3,373,000 enquiries at an ROI of 129%; all the while dropping cost per call by 255%.

Strategic communications challenge