Chupa Chups – Using a silent puppet to drive word of mouth


Tasked with the challenge of using a silent puppet to drive word-of-mouth about the new Chupa Chups' brand idea “Life's Less Serious”, we adopted a simple but effective strategy to spread the brand message.

We launched Chuck on certain video sharing sites, and watched digital channels closely for consumers who are considered to be super creators. Once these consumers were identified, they were immediately given exclusive access to Chuck content, something they could use to build status in their online communities, whilst also giving them creative impetus to create their own interpretations of “Life's Less Serious”.

The campaign was a success and we achieved our objectives. Within the campaign period, Chuck managed to obtain a total of 489,000 YouTube views, with 58 different user-generated films inspired from the original. Consumers generated profile backgrounds, avatars, Chuck fan club membership cards and animated Chuck signatures, Chuck stickers and Chuck badges, some of which were put on sale on eBay. He also jumped from online into offline media, achieving free press coverage in a popular weekly magazine – Panorama Economy Italy - and appearing in the Italian TV programme Blob.