Délégation à la sécurité et à la circulation routières (DSCR): Unbearable

Lowe Stratéus


Company Name: Lowe Strateus
Country: France
Client name: Délégation à la Sécurité et à la Circulation Routi
Entry category: Government Bodies and Related Organisations
Dates run: The Campaign ran from 6/4/2010 until present


Unbearable is a Road safety TVC for the young people, aired for the first time exclusively on the Net. This TVC puts the viewer in the state of shock. In this video, the climax is reached when the tragic accident comes after the euphoria of a great party between young people who had been drinking.


The objective is to make people aware of the risk of drink driving, and the risk of getting in a car which is driven by a person who is under the influence of alcohol.