Channel Hyper-Linking in Waterloo

How Digital Cable TV Subscribers Are Interacting with Worldgate's iTV Technology in a Real World TV Environment

Gary Schroeder
AT&T Broadband


Avu Sankaralingham


As my children get older and more sophisticated in their TV viewing behavior, I take great pleasure in describing to them what TV viewing was like when I was their age. For example, my kids do not believe that the TV set in my parent's living room displayed TV programs only in shades of gray and that, at most, there were maybe 5 to 7 TV channels to choose from. They laugh when I tell them that the number of channels varied daily depending on the weather and its influence on our antenna's ability to receive an over the air signal. They are horrified by the fact that their father's only opportunity to watch cartoons was during a four-hour block of time on Saturday morning and that the channel changer was not a small handheld device, but rather a small boy that physically turned a 'knob' attached to the TV set.