WFA Global Media Trends 2008

Laura James
WARC Online

This paper is one of two extracts prepared by WARC Online for the World Federation of Advertisers' Annual Report 2009. It accompanies the additional extract: WFA Global Advertising and Economic Data 2007-2008 and Outlook for 2009.

Changing internet usage patterns pose new challenges for advertisers

The economic downturn will affect the fortunes of all media channels, but despite this the internet will continue to grow and evolve. For the first time more women than men are using the internet in most countries, especially in Germany, Italy, Japan and Spain where they accounted for between 54% and 56% of the total unique audience. It is only in the US where the majority of internet users (52%) are still men. Traditionally internet campaigns have been largely targeted at the young and men; as yet there are still very few online campaigns that are overtly targeted at women.