The new technology in shopper marketing

Sarah Green
GreyShopper EMEA

When more than four in five purchase decisions are made in-store, influencing at the 'first moment of truth' is critical, and technologies such as beacons, AR, IoT and Facial Recognition, when used creatively, can make the difference between consideration and purchase.

The new creativity in shopper marketing

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There is no doubt that technology is reshaping every aspect of the world around us, influencing even the most dyed-in-the-wool behaviours. But what is its role in shopper marketing? Can the collision of creativity and technology take the discipline to new levels, making our ideas even more engaging and effective? In this article, I will examine a few of the more interesting recent cases from around the world, not to judge the technology itself, but to determine where technology has been used most creatively with the potential to influence purchase behaviour. In this way, we will be able to outline future best practice in the creative use of technology in shopper marketing.