The ultimate guide to licensing content


NewsCredMore so than ever before, marketers are using niche editorial content, beautiful images, and engaging videos to build engagement and customer acquisition engines. By harnessing high quality content, brands are able to generate leads, nurture prospects, inspire peer-to-peer referrals, and encourage repeat purchases.

Today, content is currency. To that end, there are tens of millions of articles and videos that circulate the Internet each day. Meanwhile, consumers are busier than ever, and frequently browsing the web via mobile while on the go. All of these stories are competing for the same sets of eyeballs. How can brands stand out from cat memes, celebrity gossip and sports news?

When it comes to content marketing, quality reigns. Consumers don't care whether information is coming from a brand, published novelist, or close acquaintance. They want to learn something new, feel enlightened, and stay connected to topics that they care about. As you can probably imagine, this level of quality requires a human touch. That's why top brands like Red Bull, Pepsi, American Express, Dell, and Qualcomm have hired agencies, teams of in-house journalists, and freelance writers.