Business psychology: How to be more creative at work

Ros Taylor

Psychologist and executive coach Ros Taylor draws on her extensive experience to identify the aspects of human and organisational behaviour that inhibit creativity at work. Here she describes the most common corporate errors and explains how to avoid them.

My work has been in helping executives in a wide range of organisations navigate decision-making and think more creatively. The same barriers arise, no matter what the circumstances. Here are some of my favourites.

Just the data

Scenario 1: The figures are not looking good for the final quarter, so an edict is sent from the board of the bank: reduce costs or 'lose head count'. A recently appointed head of department is horrified. He cannot see a way to cut costs and as he has just hired his team, it now looks as though he will have to lose most of them. With a heavy heart he writes an email inviting his team to a briefing meeting.