Panel Research Contributions to Product Portfolio Management – A Case Study

S.V Nathan
Indian Institute of Management, India
Raka Garg
Colgate-Palmolive, India

Consumer Panel research constitutes a significant research input in marketing decision making but surprisingly has received little attention in published literature either from a theoretical perspective or a marketing decision making perspective. The limited published literature on consumer panel research has mainly focused on its applications in new brand management. In this context, new brand prediction models like the Parfitt & Collins Model (Parfitt & Collins, 1968), and Ehrenberg's 'NBD' theory and model of repeat buying (Ehrenberg, 1972, 1988) have been the basis of much empirical work and routine applications in business firms (Kahn et al, 1986, 1988, Rubinson, 1993: Wellan & Ehrenberg, 1988). The importance of brand penetration in explaining consumer choice behaviour is thus well recognised. However. there is very little published literature reporting the use of consumer panel data for product portfolio management rather than simply individual brand management.