Manx Telecom: Thinking beyond

Agency: Conran Design Group
Client: Manx Telecom
Brand: Manx Telecom
Category: Brand Identity - under £100,000

Executive summary

In 2010, Manx Telecom was a communications company whose messages simply weren't being heard. By 2012, we had ensured that they were communicating with impact to all their audiences.

For an island-based company, Manx Telecom had achieved outstanding performance and an unquestionable share of the global telco market. But it had been ten years since the company had reviewed their brand and, against the backdrop of a rapidly changing market, there was a growing realisation that their communications didn't reflect their core strengths.

New owners, HG Capital, brought a new growth agenda and a willingness to drive change. Spurred on by the arrival of a challenger brand, Sure from Cable & Wireless (now owned by Vodafone), creative briefs were written for a wholesale brand refresh to better align it with the changing vision of the company and their growing market segments.