Super Bowl Advertising Effectiveness: Hollywood Finds the Games Golden

Rama Yelkur, Chuck Tomkovick and Patty Traczyk
University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

The National Football League's annual Super Bowl game is a major television event infused with hype, game heroics, and elaborate halftime concerts. The Super Bowl has become so in­grained in the U.S. culture that nearly all the top 10 most-watched television programs in American broadcasting history are Super Bowl broadcasts (Tomkovick, Yelkur, and Christians, 2001). Not only is the Super Bowl a megamedia event in the United States and around the world, this annual telecast is a 'media happening' that transcends all demographic groups. Super Bowl advertising is also the premier advertising vehi­cle with American adults under 35, a fact that is not lost on the major Hollywood studios whose success depends in large part on convinc­ing young audiences to attend their movies (Jensen, 1998a).