Bing: How Microsoft Created a Search Engine for a New Generation

Category: Media Innovation
Brand/Client: Microsoft Bing
Lead Agency: Droga5

Strategic Challenge

The rivalry between Microsoft and Google has become one of the fiercest competitions between companies ever, unfolding across an increasingly vast set of products and services. There has not been such a rivalry in the technology sector since Steve Jobs faced off with Bill Gates and ushered in the personal computer era in the 1970s and 80s. The outcome of Microsoft's challenge to Google's dominance will define the next era of the Internet and our connected lives. In June 2009, Microsoft opened a major new front in their rapidly escalating war with Google by launching their biggest web property ever, the search engine Bing.

Despite a large, mass media advertising campaign after its launch, Bing's share was below 10%, while Google maintained a dominant position over 70% (Source: Hitwise July 2010). Microsoft's online efforts had been handicapped by Google's ubiquity across the Internet, which was built up over the last decade across many products ranging from search, to mail, to advertising, to mobile, and many partnerships that extended their reach, such as search and maps on iPhone.