Growing up digitally: change drivers in marketing

Julian Saunders
The Joined Up Company.

'We have been talking about change for at least 10 years now, but my belief is that in the last two years marketers have really started to take notice. The imperative to change has become far more dramatic. Now you don't have to tell me anymore about the trends; I just need to watch what my kids do.'

So said Thom Braun of Unilever, highlighting the fact that the next generation is growing up 'digitally'. Major developments in the media landscape are changing the way we reach consumers, and children and young people are using new technology to create, edit and communicate their own media.

However, these changes are not restricted to youth. Mass audiences are not only difficult for marketers to reach, they are now busy producing their own output. The BBC, originally seen as the epitome of traditional broadcasting, has been an important agent of change in new media and is creating a forum for 'user created content'.