Four Indian brands profiting by doing good

John Davidson

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Doing social good and not just making money is an issue all brands today must face, none more so than in a country like India.

The developing might of India – with its more than 1.2 billion people, massive geographical size and gigantic gap between the haves and have nots – is something that looms large in the minds of global brands. India is a market that possesses huge potential and huge pitfalls at the same time. Successfully cracking India is something most marketers want to do, but navigating the challenges that exist in the world's most populous democracy are far from straightforward. In India, as opposed to several developed or first world nations, brands can hold a unique and special place in the heart of their consumers. Brands are obliged to do good, to help the unfortunate, not just part of a marketing exercise or to drive profits but as part of their brand DNA. As Saket Agarwal, group manager at Cogito Consulting, put it in his essay Can Brands maximise profits and be a force for social good?: "The key drivers of corporate responsibility in Indian companies tend to revolve around ethical considerations and aim to strengthen the brand, as opposed to economic considerations, which drive corporate responsibility investments globally."