Call ITV: a single number solution for telephone response

Caroline Hunt, Carlton TV, shows how a generic ITV phone number can help develop and optimise customer dialogue

Caroline Hunt

Call ITV was launched by John Hardie, ITV's new marketing and commercial director, in December. It was launched in response to a growing belief among brand-response advertisers that the high volumes of simultaneous calls provided by even modest-rating spots on ITV could not be managed effectively by the existing structure of the UK's call centres. Regardless of the expansion and professionalism of the call centres and despite the number of overflow sites, the sheer number of calls that could be generated by a single spot on ITV could cause a problem.

Despite the fact that this problem was first identified five years ago, scarcely a week passes without horror stories from advertisers who have suffered acute and expensive call loss. However, in fairness to the telemarketing industry, the true extent of this problem is difficult to ascertain. [A 1995 survey by Channel 4 indicated an average of some 20 per cent of DRTV calls being lost, once some quite exceptionally high losses had been eliminated - Ed.]