Shopper IQ

Roger Jackson, Christian Dubreuil and Emma Shaw
Advantage Group and Research Now


Shopper IQ is a syndicated Shopper Insights study, run in the UK obtaining 76,000 completes over a 12 week period. This study has run for three years, and Shopper IQ would not exist without the scale of online access panels – we can interview respondents within two days of their shop.

RN and Advantage Group have worked closely together to carefully design a data collection vehicle to capture granular data at an individual product level to deliver micro-insights for clear, focused decision making. This is achieved through highly complex quota management which allows shoppers to select a variety of categories from their most recent experience and through a least full allocation we can capture both the breadth and depth across 126 individual products interlocked by retailer. This multi-layered approach means we can maximize participation and deliver the scale required in both a cost-effective and engaging manner very close to the actual shopping experience.