Aetna goes mobile to personalize healthcare

Stephen Whiteside

"This probably doesn't come as a shock to anybody, but today the healthcare sector remains very inconvenient from a consumer perspective," Martha Wofford, vp/head of CarePass, at Aetna, told delegates at the Digital Health Summit, held in New York in mid-2013 as part of CE Week. "We've seen a lot of changes that have happened – whether that be mobile banking, or retail shopping, or what you can now do with your phone or online. We still have a real lag in healthcare."

Consumers, it appears, are essentially setting the pace. Figures published by Manhattan Research hint at the opportunity for marketers. The insights provider reported that the number of US adults who use a mobile phone to access health tools and information climbed from 61 million in 2011 to 75 million in 2012. The amount of people utilizing tablets for the same reasons similarly expanded from 15 million to 29 million in this period.