Sponsorship to drive sales - a happy marriage between foodstuffs and TV sponsorship in New Zealand

Cat Groombridge

In the face of recessionary pressures in the New Zealand market, overall advertising spend on TV in the January to November period in 2009 had stalled, remaining static when compared with the same period in 2008.

However, the foodstuffs category (which in New Zealand accounted for 13% of total ratecard TV spend (1) during this period) had bucked the trend and actually grown its ratecard spend by 8%.

Closer analysis of this increase revealed that sponsorships within the foodstuffs category in 2008 had accounted for 11% of all sponsorships at TVNZ (2)  (which was in line with its percentage of TV spend), whilst in 2009 this figure doubled to account for 22% of all sponsorships (compared with 13% of total ratecard spend on TV).