American Industry Overview: Stationery, Tablets and Related Products

Establishments in this industry are primarily engaged in manufacturing stationery, tablets, loose-leaf fillers, and related items from purchased paper. Products include correspondence-type tablets, paper desk pads, loose-leaf filler paper, memo books, newsprint tablets and pads, notebooks, stationery, and various other padded paper products.

Sales by stationery, tablet, and related product manufacturers reached $1.1 billion in 2008, according to a report by Supplier Relations US LLC. That year, the United States imported $600 million in products within this category, primarily from Canada, Portugal, Indonesia, China, and Brazil. Exports of such products reached $1.1 billion, with Canada receiving a majority of U.S. shipments.

The stationery products industry consists of three categories: stationery; tablets, pads, and related products; and stationery, tablets, and related products not specified by kind (NSK). Tablets and pads accounts for a great majority of industry products, with 61 percent of industry shipments (by value), followed by stationery with 30 percent. The NSK category accounts for the remaining 9 percent. According to the American Forest and Paper Association, in the late 2000s the United States was the largest producer of printing and writing papers, with nearly 25 percent of the world supply.