Mazda Australia: New Generation Mazda3 – Generating New Leads

Simon Richards


Category: Automotive
Country where program ran: Australia
Date program started/ended: October 2008 – April 2009

Product Description: The New Generation Mazda3 is Mazda's flagship model for 2009. It's a stylish, sexy small car with a dynamic personality and is fantastic value for money.

Advertiser/Client Name: Mazda Australia
Media Channels: DirectMail


Marketplace Challenge:

Small cars are big news. Consumers are trading down from large cars and trading up from light vehicles (5.3 year cycle). As the current market leader in small cars in Australia, the new generation model will effectively be competing with itself. The old Mazda3 still holds substantial brand power with a cult following the world over. The enhanced new model will pack the vehicle with better quality features and move it further ahead of the pack – but in a declining market, how to position this to a cynical consumer who may consider the enhancements no more than a marketing ploy?