Keeping young readers. Strategic publishing and advertising accountability

Geoff Wicken
GMRB International, United Kingdom


'Niche targeting' is a term much applied to many markets, magazine publishing among them. It is the publishers of youth magazines for whom it is most important to get it right. A magazine has to be well targeted to attract young readers at all - yet in the key teenage market, its appeal has to be concentrated to a three-year age band. The volatility in readership of young peoples' publications is remarkable. This may not strike you as very surprising, but the scale of this volatility is much larger than might have been anticipated. Some titles are however stable - and therefore successful. How have their publishers mastered the market?There are also considerable differences in reading that result from both the sex and age of children and teenagers - so how do publishers deal with the inevitable 'churn' that is a part of operating within this age group?With three years' data now available from Youth TGI, it is possible to observe dramatic movements in the market for titles read by 7-19 year-olds.