Aviva: Let's Change Insurance


Business Results Period (Consecutive Months): April-September 2008
Start of Advertising/Communication Effort: April 2008
Base Period for Comparison: April-September 2007

a) Synopsis of the Case

Bold advertisers in the past have proven that a jujitsu approach to strategy can help brands turn a perceived weakness into a strength. But what if people are turned off by the whole category you operate in? And what if they are so cynical they're not prepared to listen to you? This is the story of how a convention-doubting insurance company – one that almost no one had heard of prior to investing in brand advertising – managed to make a name for itself and reverse a five-year share decline.

How? By accentuating the negative and channelling the deep-rooted frustration people feel towards the insurance industry in the name of honest reform. In the process, Aviva got more than just breakthrough advertising; it developed a new way of approaching its marketing, as the company embraced a wide-ranging brand strategy that would bring tighter shape and focus to everything from product design to staff training.

b) Summary of Business Results