Food For The Poor: A Stitch and a Prayer

Entry Information

Country where program ran: United States
Program start date: 10/01/12
Program end date: 02/01/13
Advertiser/Client Name: Food For The Poor, Inc.
Product/Service Description: Food For The Poor's "A Stitch and a Prayer" campaign was a multi-channel appeal. It utilized a dollar-for-dollar match offered by partners of Food For The Poor, to raise funds to build homes for the poor in Nicaragua, Honduras and Jamaica.
Category: Not-For-Profit (NFP)


Business problem

"A Stitch and a Prayer" appeal focused on the miserable conditions of the poor living in areas of Nicaragua, Honduras and Jamaica. It highlighted the Reyes family's ramshackle, makeshift hovel in Nicaragua that was literally stitched together with string. The poor that Food For The Poor's generous donors serve are extremely spiritual and faithful, and so when our research team came across the Reyes' home, which was literally stitched together with string to hold the walls together, "A Stitch and a Prayer" campaign was born. The first challenge of the campaign was to create a direct mail appeal that would be so compelling visually that it would intrigue and inspire the donor to open the mailer. The second challenge of the campaign was to invoke an emotive response through strong visuals and copy to trigger and inspire giving from a select group of donors.