Standard Chartered Bank: Ideas that changed the world

Luis Jusi
OMD Singapore

Standard Chartered Bank needed a media vehicle to showcase its 'Here for good', 'honest and open' brand proposition within the emerging markets of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. It found the ideal partner in the BBC.

Standard Chartered Bank had just launched its new branding campaign -'Here for good' a few months earlier, in April 2010. It was a position that the bank hoped would reinforce the company as honest and open and built on tradition and heritage. It portrayed itself as being committed to helping the communities in which it had a business presence and the individuals and companies it did business with, for the long term.

Standard Chartered Bank was in a good position to do so. It was relatively unscathed by the financial crisis that had just ravaged most banks and sent general perceptions about financial institutions as trusted companies into the rubbish bin. It was most active in emerging markets, where long-term presence had given Standard Chartered Bank the expertise to provide good service to its clients and partners. Standard Chartered Bank could easily back up in actions what its advertising communicated to people.