How Evernote makes the freemium model work

Low Lai Chow

Evernote is a mobile app with a simple mission: to help people "remember everything". Having attracted over 100 million users since launching in 2008, it has certainly made an impression with smartphone users across the globe.

Tiang Lim Foo, who heads up Evernote's market development in Asia, told delegates at The Internet Show 2014 that Singapore is one of its largest and "fastest-growing" local markets, today containing around 70,000 users. Australia and South Korea are also seeing impressive uptake, too.

To attract attention, the firm's entry-level app is free. A low barrier of entry, Foo continued, removes hesitation among people keen to try out the app but who might be put off by the need to pay an immediate charge. It also encourages positive word-of-mouth – which is potentially much more valuable than a few cents spent on a purchase.