Progressive Insurance: Superstore

Category: Insurance Products and Services (Auto & Home)
Brand/Client: The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies
Primary Agency: Arnold Worldwide


Consumer Anxiety

When people think about insurance their anxiety level increases. Consumers know that choosing incorrectly can have serious consequences but finding the right balance between cost and coverage can be complicated due to the unfamiliar terminology. That lack of confidence and control leaves consumers feeling so overwhelmed that they avoid thinking about insurance altogether – resulting in them having insurance that is too expensive or wrong for their needs.

Polarized Positions

Insurance brands have only perpetuated this issue. Relationship/service brands with long standing campaigns have reinforced the outdated perception that people need to be hand-held through the shopping process. Given that today's consumers are more self-directed than ever, imposing a paternalistic relationship on them with "you need us" communication can be perceived as insulting. Alternatively economy/bargain brands have heavily promoted finding a low price as the only criteria that matters. Consumer's intuitively know there's more to it than that – after all they want to feel good about the insurance they're buying. Today's consumers have evolved beyond those two polar positions and needed a brand that offered a better way.