Online Survey Of Online Customers ValueAdded Market Research through Data Collection on the Internet

 Jan Enander
Attila Sajti
Askus KW, Sweden


Askus KW, the result of the July 1998 merger of the two Swedish consulting companies Askus and KirsteinWalerud, provides marketing research and analysis, strategic management and change management. As purchasers of data collection, we felt there was a lack of an integrated picture in conducting customer surveys on the Internet. Contact with Boxman, a Swedish online music CD store, however, provided an opportunity to conduct a fullscale online survey. The project gave us a much better understanding of this new data collection method and made us more confident in advising clients how and when to use online surveys.

From Boxmans point of view, a Web survey was a means to learn more about their customers and to receive input into the process of increasing customer loyalty. This method for data collection also enhanced the image of Boxman being a completely Internet company.