Chicago Town Deep Dish

Packaging Branded – food & drink
tdg The Design Group


In a very competitive marketplace at a period of intense pressure on consumer spending, Dr. Oetker (previously Schwan's Consumer Brands) found that sales of one of their flagship brands, Chicago Town Deep Dish pizzas, were going backwards. A design change in early 2008 had no positive impact on their sales so they knew they had to do something different in order that stretch targets were met in 2009 and ensure the long term health of the brand.

Chicago Town Deep Dish needed to update and improve its relevance to an extended target audience; to drive deeper penetration in order to compete with other strong brands in the competitive set. Consumers were seeing this as a truly different, seriously tasty product that they would be perfectly happy to eat as a meal centre – yet the packaging was giving the impression of being a snack for kids through both the graphic treatment and the in-store position – so they were simply not picking it up.