The Feldwick Factor: Briefing agencies

Paul Feldwick

I've been asked to put together a tool kit to help our marketing team brief an agency, assess a creative agency brief and assess concepts. Can you help?

Chantelle Lane, Consumer Planner, Origin Energy

The wording of your question assumes a process of advertising development which I imagine most people would consider not just normal, but necessary. The client briefs the agency on what they require. The agency team go away and consider this brief, and in turn write a brief to their own creative department, which is then presented to the client for approval and if necessary amended. The creative department produce some creative concepts which the client then also judges and either accepts, rejects, or asks to be changed.

Within the terms of that process, there will clearly be better or worse practice in how the briefs are constructed, and in how the agency's work is judged; and I'm sure that guides to such good practice exist within the Warc database. (The IPA, for instance, has a useful booklet on 'judging creative ideas'.) However, I'm more interested in considering the process itself. Because although it may be hallowed by tradition, my own experience suggests it's not necessarily the best way for agencies and their clients to work together.