Heineken's Legendary Journey: Justifying a premium the world over

Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam

Advertiser: Heineken International N.V.
Brand: Heineken's Legendary Journey
Country: The Netherlands


From international product to global icon

Heineken is the world's most international beer brand, available in over 170 countries. But, whilst consumers were able to buy into the same product everywhere, they weren't buying into the same brand. Heineken had never had one single, consistent global campaign, as evidenced by a diversity of local communications:

And who could blame Heineken? In a category where image is (almost) everything, where local tastes have to be catered for, and where local communications heritage and competitive conditions have to be taken into account, how on earth could Heineken sell itself in Vietnam in the same way it sold itself in the Netherlands? Why would it even want to?