FedEx: Cup Global Golf Sweepstakes

BBDO New York

Entry Information

Category: Business and Consumer Services
Country where program ran: United States
Date program started/ended: 7/12/2010-9/12/2010

Product Description: The FedExCup Global Golf Sweepstakes. Consumers were invited to enter by playing an immersive game at Winners receive a golf getaway to an international destination.

Advertiser/Client Name: FedEx
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Marketplace challenge:

The 2010 FedExCup Global Golf Sweepstakes marketing campaign was launched with two objectives: to generate entries for the sweepstakes and, as an underlying goal, to generate leads for FedEx's international shipping business. Therefore, we needed to develop an entry method that would simultaneously allow FedEx to educate potential customers about international shipping and unintrusively solicit their business.