Ta Chong Bank: Dream Rangers

Principal author: Oliver Tsai, Ogilvy & Mather Taipei
Contributing authors: Tim Broadbent and Minguay Yeh, Ogilvy & Mather Taipei


Ta Chong Bank is a small bank in Taiwan. It has 67 branches, while a leading competitor has over 300.

It spends less on advertising too, about 15% as much as the leading advertiser in the banking sector.

As a result, its visibility is low. Ta Chong ranked 22nd in an awareness survey in 20101.

Low visibility is a problem in two ways. First, big banks with lots of branches are more convenient for face-to-face transactions. Second, consumers tend to think that big banks are safer because they are less likely to go bust.

Ta Chong lost on both counts.

Moreover, new banking products have to be approved before launch by Taiwan's tough Financial Supervisory Authority. This makes it hard for Ta Chong to gain competitive advantage through product innovation. Any new products allowed through are quickly copied by other banks, which then rely on price and promotion to attract new customers. Ta Chong lacked the marketing muscle to compete in this arena.