Britvic – Tango With Added Tango

Agency name: Euro RSCG KLP
Client name: Britvic Soft Drinks Limited
Category: Product Launch/Relaunch/Trial campaigns


After its heyday of the 1990s, Tango (an orange flavoured soft drink) had fallen out of favour with the UK teenagers of today and needed to get back on the map. Poor bottle distribution meant teenagers were often up-sizing to 500ml Fanta packs from 330ml Tango cans which were more readily available.

As a result Britvic launched a limited edition 440ml can from Jun to Aug 2009 to re-engage the core audience in the brand. However, the distribution was widely through independent corner shop owners and a small budget meant that advertising support was limited.

The new pack had to make an impact and engage a cynical audience; in short we had to make tango ‘cool’ all over again with a new generation of teenagers.