Marketing Values: Rising to the No Logo Challenge

Paul Marsden,
University of Sussex and Brand Genetics

Recent rumours of the death of marketing and the demise of the brand may have been somewhat exaggerated. Nevertheless, few marketers would dispute that their craft is under attack and that brands are on the back foot. Naomi Kleins No Logo1, the anti-branding bible and bestseller, is but a symptom of an emerging chapter of consumerism that is antagonistic, or at least indifferent, to the marketing machine.

At the dawn of the third millennium, the golden era of marketing with its monolithic mass-market and a deferential consumer, conditioned to salivate upon being buzzed by brands has been buried. To inform how we, as marketers, might respond to the new harsher market reality, it is instructive to focus on how consumers are responding to three defining meta-trends of contemporary consumer society: no logo, overload and faster.