Gü Daily Decadence programme

Publicis Chemistry

The team

Laura Bowyer, Mark Anderson, Ingrid Purcell, Seb Hill, Ray Phelps, Sally Winter, Lisa Gulley, Deborah Collison, Courtney Maywald.

Other contributor:

Promoveritas – Prize Fulfilment.

How did the campaign make a difference?

This work showed that any day (special or not) can be made better with a Gü pud, taking Gü off its special occasion pedestal without making it less special. Tracking ongoing ROI with a shopper panel has initially demonstrated that Facebook fans not only buy more Gü (69% versus 12%) but increase their category spend by 13%.

What details of the strategy make this a winning entry?

Gü's loved by most, but it's seen as an occasional treat or for entertaining guests. While Christmas and Valentine's Day (for example) are important to the brand, it was vital to create more reasons to buy in between. Daily Decadence showed that any day can be made better with Gü. The campaign focused on two things: 1) education about the range (people think of Gü as oozing chocolate puds, but there are over 30 in the range, suitable for many occasions and seasons); and 2) moving from a marketing plan that supported special occasions with big integrated spikes, to an always-on social content programme putting Gü at front of mind all year. The strategy was activated on Facebook, which allowed regular communications with the fan community, and all content was designed to be shared for viral reach.

How did creativity bring the strategy to life?