The Pay-Per-View Advantage

How to utilize this high performing marketing tool

John Rubey
Spring Communications

Imagine a sponsorship opportunity that offers the ability to:

  • Slice through today's increasingly cluttered media environment;
  • Raise brand awareness and preference among the target audience;
  • Create relevant, effective advertising and promotion activities;
  • Provide discernable added value to drive measurable sales.

Now imagine that the engine powering the vehicle that delivers in all these instances is pay-per-view (PPV) marketing of high profile concerts and special events. If you say your imagination is not that vivid, you may be turning your back on a high performing marketing tool that has been successfully utilized by such savvy sponsors as Microsoft, United Airlines, Subaru, Gillette, Best Buy, Filene's, Kroger Foods, Anheuser Busch, Hay House Publishing, and BMG Direct (a unit of the Bertelsmann conglomerate).