Phillips Distilling Company – Celebrate

Category: Sustained Success
Brand/Client: Phillips Distilling Company
Primary Agency: OLSON


Phillips Distilling, a small, family-owned distillery in Minnesota, literally invented flavored vodka in the 1950s. Unfortunately for them, the only people still drinking Phillips flavored vodka more than five decades later were the ones also born in the 1950s. Outdated was an understatement.

So when Phillips came to us looking for a simple label redesign, we had to prove this dusty spirit had more than one path into the future. Success would not be reliant on a redesign, but rather a total reinvention and reintroduction to a whole new market.

Enter UV Vodka: A line of ultra-violet ultra-vodkas created from the ground up for 21- to 30-year-old hipsters who were mixing things up in clubs. A bright idea, but one that would have to launch in the mighty shadows of some enormous challenges. Consider: