Exploring cosmetics advertising in southern China – An investigation of Hong Kong and Shenzhen

Bradley R. Barnes
University of Kent

Noel Y.M. Siu
Hong Kong Baptist University

Qionglei Yu
Zhejiang Gongshang University

Sally S.Y. Chan
Leeds University Business School


China is rapidly emerging as a highly attractive advertising market. Due to a combination of foreign direct investment and high economic growth, advertising expenditure has exceeded US$7.2 billion, resulting in China overtaking South Korea to become the second-largest advertising market in Asia. With an estimated 76,200 advertising agencies and a 14.8% growth rate (2003–04), China is one of the largest and fastest-growing advertisement markets in the world (Harney 2004; China Advertising Yearbook 2005). The infrastructure surrounding China's mass media is well developed and integrated, and the 1995 PRC Advertising Law provides guidance on all forms of media (Liu 2002).