Why Newspaper Ads Are Effective

Rolf Randrup

The time has come for the newspapers to prove their worth and supply advertisers with information about the value they receive for their money. For decades, television has provided minute-by-minute ratings on a daily basis, whereas print media put the market off with average figures on how readership patterns were 6 or 12 months ago. But if producing a TV-meter is possible, why not a similar newspaper-meter, supplying information on the number of yesterday's readers of a specific page in a specific paper, in order to let the advertiser know what exactly his money is buying him?

This notion is in no way obvious, even rather misguided. As a matter of fact, advertisers basically have the information needed. Supporting this claim slightly provocative as it may be are  findings of a large-scale Danish research project on the reading habits of 20,000newspaper readers. The data consist of page-traffic interviews covering 15 major newspapers collected day by day over a period of two months during 2000 and 2001.