Montana Office of Tourism: There's Nothing Here

Category: Travel/Tourism/Destination
Brand/Client: Montana Office of Tourism
Primary Agencies: MercuryCSC/Spark Communications
Contributing Agency: Spot Inquiry


Strategic Communications Challenge

As the Montana Office of Tourism (MTOT) planned for its FY10 marketing campaign in July 2009, the news coming from the U.S. Travel Association (USTA) wasn't exactly inspiring. Larger airlines were continuing to cut both spending and capacity, and the demand for lodging and travel was significantly down. (Sources: USTA, Smith Travel Research, Tourism Economics; July 2009).

In addition, MTOT did not have the spending power of many other state tourism offices. It needed to be as efficient and as focused as possible with its marketing dollars. In FY10, MTOT's promotion budget was 30% lower than its competitors and ranked 27th in the nation compared to other state tourism budgets. (Source: USTA, 2010).